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Global tides at a glance - any time, anywhere.

mobiletide is an innovative new application for mobile phones which can calculate and display the state of the tide at just about any location you choose. It also has the ability to then predict the tide for any given minute, hour, day, month even year: providing instant, comprehensive and convenient access to tide times around the world.

Simply select any location from the global database
Instantly view the current state of tide
Predict the tide for any minute, hour, day, month even year


Check out some of the reviews on a recent Times online blog: timesonline

"Dan tells me that he and his Zelah-based colleagues "are all surfers, ex land-locked sad and fat corporation workers who saw the light and now try to make it work in the Cornwall." With a product like this, it looks like they're making life in the far west work alright."

Alex Wade Ė Times Online

"Iím not one for electronic gadgets but this one has got me pretty amped. Itís a simple idea, well presented and easy to useÖÖweíve been using it religiously on the road to nowhere tour and itís been essential."

Wavelength magazine

"Yachting Monthly doesn't usually plug products in its news pages. Occasionally, however, we make an exception........ A Cornish company is hoping its new tide prediction program for mobile phones will be perfect for sailors all over the world. It's certainly caused a stir in the YM office."

Yachting Monthly

"Itís rare to find a useful mobile application but this one could break the mould."

Yachting World

"Worked brilliantly!! Many thanks for this fantastic utility - I already have an ashortwalk time tide clock, but this gives me a neat graph that is so easy to read and use, anywhere in the world. Well done to all of you involved!"


"Really nice bit of software screen design - the whole idea is beautifully executed!"


"Just purchased mobiletide, as seen in Sailing Today. Using Nokia N82. What a brilliant product !! Downloaded and installed in an instant. Far to cheap at £5.....Well done.."

Andy Rudd

"Don't normally bother doing this sort of thing but just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Mobiletide download. I already have one of your clocks and have just got the mobile version on my phone."

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mobiletide is a fully JAVA Certified
mobiletide is a fully JAVA Certified and tested product.


BSA endorsed product.

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Key questions answered:

How does mobiletide work?
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Please note that due to the variable nature of tides mobiletide is only intended as a guide to tide times and therefore should not be used for navigational purposes or if anyone or anything could come into harm as a result of an incorrect tide prediction.